The fight for freshness: the ugly truth about shelf life

As a wise woman once said beauty should be fresh and good enough to eat (not literally).

So, think back to the last moisturiser you bought. Do you know how long it was sitting on the shelf of a store or warehouse before you started using it?

A while.

The truth is most beauty products are made to last at least 2.5 years or longer. What started out as regulation to be completely transparent and help you know exactly how long your beauty products last for has turned into the norm. There is a race to extend shelf life and freshness has been forgotten.

Top tip babe: if you look at the back of your beauty products there is a jar symbol with a number in telling you the shelf life of your product once you’ve opened it. It looks like this:


So, what’s the problem with a long shelf life you say?

A long shelf life does a whole lot of nothing for you and your skin. Just like we wouldn’t expect avocado to be at its freshest and bestest after a couple of weeks, the same goes for your beauty products too. Research shows that actives in your beauty products such as vitamin E and C start losing their beneficial properties in just a few months. So that product you just bought and opened is already gone past your honeymoon period by the time you start using it!

We (and our sisters over at blend & glow) believe each time you use skincare products should be like a great first date every time – they work, work, work, work, work, work hard for you (just like our top babe Rihanna does).

Fresher ingredients = peak efficacy = you work less for your glow + get better value for your dollar.

We always keep things fresh. It’s true of our recipes and blend & glow’s seasonal skincare collection – everything is made for you and blended by you each season for the very best results.

So, the moral of the story (let’s face it there always has to be one): fresh is best.