You may not have heard but I’ve been used around the world for centuries. I’m anti-inflammatory, help to fight bacteria (yes spots you heard), protect skin from the environment and wise babes have even told me that I’ve kept their skin looking youthful

Caco Powder

I’m not just deliciously good to eat. I’m rich in antioxidents (flavenoids) that give your skin a rosy glow, make your skin feel bouncier and help to soothe redness and reduce blemishes.


I know not all of you hunnies can use me, but for those who can, I’m antibacterial (great for keeping spots away), incredibly soothing (goodbye redness) and moisturising.

Coconut Oil

Well what can I say I’m an all rounder. Moisturiser, shaving cream, eye make up remover, hair mask…I’ve got you covered! It must be all my healthy fats, antioxidants and the fact I’m also antibacterial and antifungal (goodbye scars).

Plain Yoghurt

I’m your go to for tightening skin pores, reducing those dark circles, moisturizing dry skin and thanks to my lactic acid I’ll unclog your pores. I’m also great to help soothe your skin when you’ve had a bit too much sun.


I’m not just good at breakfast. I’ll help to gently exfolitate your skin, reduce redness, soothe your skin and lock in moisture keeping your skin feeling silky smooth.


I really am as cool as a cucumber. My silica and antioxidants will minimise the appearance of  your pores, soothe your skin as well as reduce dark circles.

Aloe Vera

You may not have me in your kitchen cupboard yet but you really should. Some call me nature’s healing plant and they’re right. I’m rich in Vitamin C, E and beta carotene which will nourish and soothe your skin.


I may make you look like The Hulk for a while, but I’m a super duper powerhouse of healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamins that keep your hair and skin feeling soft and nourished. My oleic acid will help reduce redness and skin irritation too.

Green Tea

I’m not just great to drink. I’ll soothe your skin, fight off blemishes and strengthen your hair.