Olive Oil

I’ve been trusted by babes since ancient times (including Cleopatra herself) to keep hair and skin smooth and moisturised. With my powerhouse of antioxidants; vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. I’ll keep your hair and skin protected against the harshest of environments (yes pollution you heard me!)


I know not all of you hunnies can use me, but for those who can, I’m antibacterial (great for keeping spots away), incredibly soothing (goodbye redness) and moisturising


I’m not just good at breakfast. I’ll help to gently exfolitate your skin, reduce redness, soothe your skin and lock in moisture keeping your skin feeling silky smooth


I’m full of potassium to hydrate and moisturse your hair and skin, lectins to fight off bacteria, vitamin A and zinc (goodbye blemishes), vitamin B (hello even skin tone and youthful skin) and vitamin E to protect your skin and hair against the environment

Brown Sugar

I’m great for removing dead skin cells quickly, leaving you with silky smooth skin. Being anti-bacterial and containing glycolic acid I also keep your skin radiant and healthy. Sweet!

Epsom Salts

I’m your secret weapon on a night in or just before a night out (ask your grandma). My large dose of magnesium sulphate will help smooth your skin, relieve muscle pain after your latest gym session and draw out impurities. 

Plain Yoghurt

I’m your go to for tightening skin pores, reducing those dark circles, moisturizing dry skin and thanks to my lactic acid I’ll unclog your pores. I’m also great to help soothe your skin when you’ve had a bit too much sun.

Coconut Milk

Like my oily sister from another mister, I have healthy fats, proteins and vitamin E, so I’m incredibly nourishing for your skin and I work hard to revive your dry tresses

Coconut Oil

Well what can I say I’m an all rounder. Moisturiser, shaving cream, eye make up remover, hair mask…I’ve got you covered! It must be all my healthy fats, antioxidants and the fact I’m also antibacterial and antifungal (goodbye scars). I don’t always agree with some babes faces so try applying a small amount of me to start with.

Ground Almonds

I’m a gentle exfolitator that will buff away dead skin cells leaving you with an even, rosy glow!

Pink Himalyan Salts

I’m not just a pretty colour! I’ll detox your skin and provide relief after that hard session at the gym.

Sea Salt

I’m your ultimate babe. I remove dead skin cells, balance your skin’s PH, help draw out toxins, help you soak after a busy day and I’m great overnight to reduce pesky spots. I’ll also give your hair that super cool surf-chic-just-rolled-outta-the-ocean-beach-babe look in the summer


I’ve been used by babes for years to tighten pores, fight blemishes and smooth skin. I’ll also strengthen your hair too! I pack a good punch so use my wisely


I may make you look like The Hulk for a while, but I’m a super duper powerhouse of healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamins that keep your hair and skin feeling soft and nourished. My oleic acid will help reduce redness and skin irritation too


I’m great for exfoliating the skin, unclogging skin pores, improving skin tone and reducing blemishes!