I may be new to the beauty scene but you’ve been drinking me for a while. I’ll rub and scrub your body and face smooth, banish those dark circles.  Some babes even find I help with acne and psoriasis. You’ll be looking and feeling energised in no time at all!


I’m full of vitamin C and citric acid so I help to brighten skin. I’m also super anti-bacterial so work  to fight off those darned spots and I’m great for getting rid of cellulite. Be careful of using me during the day though as I’m very sensitive to light

Sea Salt

I’m your ultimate babe. I remove dead skin cells, balance your skin’s PH, help draw out toxins, help you soak after a busy day and I’m great overnight to reduce pesky spots. I’ll also give your hair that super cool surf-chic-just-rolled-outta-the-ocean-beach-babe look in the summer

Epsom Salts

I’m your secret weapon on a night in or just before a night out (ask your grandma). My large dose of magnesium sulphate will help smooth your skin, relieve muscle pain after your latest gym session and draw out impurities. Some celebs swear by me before a night out to fit perfectly into their skinny jeans

Pink Himalyan Salts

I’m not just a pretty colour! I’ll detox your skin and provide relief after that hard session at the gym