Rose water: the ultimate beautifier

Why save roses for Valentine’s? Rose water is the ultimate beauty powerhouse that’s been used daily for thousands of years by babes all around the world.

What’s it good for?

Everything. Beauty should have told the Beast the answer to his skin and funky attitude issues was wilting before his eyes. This naturally fragrant water helps to reduce redness, inflammation, hydrates the skin and also provides a healthy dose of antioxidants to boost dull skin – oh hello dewy, glowing skin.

How to add rose water to your routine?

1. To set the tone of your day: use as a face mist in the morning to soothe your skin and as food for your mood to start your day as you mean to go on.

2. A late afternoon pick me up: office air con and central heating can all play havoc on our skin. A couple of spritzes will rehydrate and boost your skin for that instant glow.

3. A mix in for a face mask: DIY your beauty treatments by adding rose water to a clay base for the ultimate deep clean mid week treatment. Check out our DIY face mask recipes here.

4. A sooting bath: create a bath fit for a queen with a dash of rose water and a tablespoon of coconut milk powder to create a a truly indulgent bath soak.

Watch out babe, not all rose waters are created equally.

Some brands call it rose water but what they’ve actually done is mixed water with an artificial rose fragrance. So, you may smell nice but you’re not getting any of the beneficial properties of this amazing water.

If you look at the ingredients list you will be able to spot this. The first ingredient in the list will say Aqua and you’ll also see the word Parfum listed.

100% pure rose hydrosols are what you want. These are the natural waters left over from the steam distillation of essential oils. They contain all the properties of the essential oil but are much gentler which is especially good for babes with sensitive skin. Look out for Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water in the ingredients list – that’s the one you want!

Where to buy it?

A simple bottle of pure rose water from Wholefoods or a health food shop will do the trick. Or customise your own rose toner with our sister Blend & Glow.

Because #letsfaceitbabe every gal deserves a bouquet of roses every day.