Coco Coffee Scrub Love

Turn your shower into a tropical fountain of youth with our coco coffee scrub love. Coffee is the rough stuff that wakes up your skin and gets your blood pumping. Sea salt removes flaky skin and coconut oil moisturizes the fresh skin.


   80g Ground coffee


   80g Coconut oil


   40g Epson salts


Makes: 200g

How long it lasts:  Lasts up to 6 months in an airtight container, make sure your hands are dry when you scoop it out

Time it takes to blend & glow: 10 minutes

How to blend & glow:

1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl

2. Pour into an airtight container

3. Grab a scoop before shower time once a week and apply to damp skin

Twists you should try:

For each handful add 1 -2 drops of an essential oil with each use. Our favourite is grapefruit to beat the cellulite as we scrub, or lime or peppermint for a refreshing clean. You can swap the Epson salts for sugar too: coconut, brown or white. Just keep the measurements the same.

Top tips for blend yourself beauty success:

Best applied in the shower. Use a tub stopper in your shower while using this scrub, as it can get messy and we don’t want any blocked drains!

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