Coco-banana Hair Mask

Hair feeling a bit frazzled? Enjoy this tropical 3 in 1 mix that will lift your mood and leave your hair feeling nourished and glowing. Banana is full of potassium which minimizes breakages and strengthens your tresses. Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E and lauric acid which will both moisturize and leave your hair smelling amazing. Not to forgot your secret weapon to shiny hair the natural way (move aside silicones)….oats. Super rich in vitamin B to make you shine they’ll also stop your mask running down your favourite onesie.


    1 ripe banana


    3 tablespoons coconut milk


   1 tablespoon oats


Makes: one mask

How long it lasts: Whip it up fresh each time you use it babe!

Time it takes to blend & glow: 30 minutes

How to blend & glow:

1. Blend the banana and oats in a blender for 30 seconds until you create a smooth, lump free puree.

2. Add in coconut milk and give it another whirl in the blender (20 seconds should do the trick) until it’s frothy and creamy

3. Apply to wet, combed hair (you may want to get into the shower or bath), using your fingers to apply the mask evenly through your hair strands as well as your scalp

4. Cover with shower cap or with a hot towel and leave on for 15 – 30 minutes and relax (perfect time to watch your fave episode on Netflix)

5. Rinse well, shampoo and condition as normal

Twists you should try:

Add 1 teaspoon of honey (Manuka is best) or coconut milk to your hair mask if your hair is particularly dry

Top tips for blend yourself beauty success:

Make sure your hair is damp before applying the hair mask as this will make the mask easier to apply

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