California dreaming soak

Dreaming of a far off place, a new city, a tropical paradise?  Have a holiday in the tub on us!  A spoonful of this soak will transform your average bath into a dreamy, creamy, tropical paradise (complete with bubbles thanks to the bicarbonate of soda). It’s made up of silky coconut milk to moisturise dry skin, nourish sensitive skin and add elasticity to skin that has had one too many late nights.


     160ml Coconut milk powder


      20g Bicarbonate of soda


   20g Oats


    3 – 4 drops rose essential oil (optional: before you add check out our b&g kitchen guide here)


Makes:  200g of bath soak goodness

How long it lasts: Up to 3 months in an airtight container

Time it takes to blend & glow: 15 minutes

How to blend & glow:

1. Blend the oats for 30 seconds until it becomes a fine powder

2. Add the other ingredients and stir well

3. Decant into a dry glass jar

4. When you run a bath, add 1 drop of essential oil depending on your mood to each tablespoons of powder (3 to 4 tablespoons works a treat)

5. Add the powder to running water for pure bliss

Twists you should try:

We love using bergamot, tangerine and jasmine, or add a couple of drops of one of your mood food blends from your seasonal crate.

Top tips for blend yourself beauty success:

Make sure your bath isn’t too hot, it should feel comfortable to sit in. We find 20 minutes of soaking does the trick. If you don’t have coconut milk powder, then mix equal parts bicarbonate of soda and oats and add 3 – 4 tablespoons of coconut milk. Add to bath.

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