Why you need to switch to non-toxic skincare NOW

Just like your exes, it’s time to break-up with toxic time wasters in your skincare products and clean up your skincare routine.

Why should I go natural?

Here’s the thing, you and your skin started out as friends. But then unknowingly you started smothering it in nasties. Not to freak you out, but studies have found toxins found in skincare (such as PEG’s and parabens to name a few) cause big problems such as flushing, immune diseases, and even cancer. The body is an amazing thing and does it best to get rid of these nasties, but why put them onto our skin in the first place when there are so many natural ingredients that nourish you skin from the outside in?

Ok. Why are these nasties even in my skincare products?

A lot of these nasties in your beauty products have been made in a lab to mimimic the properties of natural ingredients in order help improve shelf life, rather than to actually offer superior benefits to our skin. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for science. Natural skincare is all about science; selecting and blending the right ingredients for your skin.

For us its simple: why use a chemical ingredient when the natural one works and is better for you and your skin.

I’m interested, tell me more. Is natural skincare actually effective?

Hell yes. Natural ingredients are tried and tested and have been used by babes for thousands of years. Clay, flower hydrosols, rosehip and olive oil (to name a few) actually make your skin healthy and are packed full of vitamins and minerals to repair your skin. Did you know that rosehip is nature’s retinol and is even better and gentler on the skin than the synthetic version? Well now you do.

Great. So how do I get into natural skincare?

Start with your product labels. Look out for nasties (more about them here) as some products that claim they are natural actually aren’t when you have a closer look.

Here’s a few winning natural ingredients to look out for:

Licorice Root Extract: We once thought of this only in terms of how much room we had in our bag of pick and mix, but licorice is one of the oldest natural remedies that even Geisha’s used to brighten skin.  It is an effective anti-inflammatory that prevents hyper pigmentation.

Shea butter: For skin that needs love like it’s never needed love before. Deeply hydrating and naturally rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, this anti-inflammatory butter will repair your skin back to it’s youthful feel from the 90s, leaving you free to spice up your life.

Rosehip Oil: Nature’s botox and retinol in one. This oil is like a bouquet for your face, full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin A, C, D, E and beta-carotene.

Life is all about balance but just as we reach for a detox juice after a few nights out, our skin needs some loving too. Natural skincare will do just that.