Pineapple: makes de man go HELLO at your soft supple skin

Our prickly pal pineapple is a true all rounder for your beauty routine.

Pineapple is a powerhouse of vitamin C, bromelian and antioxidants, which gently exfoliate, soothe and soften inflamed skin. It’s also great at keeping spots at bay and helping to protect against sun damage (yes fine lines you heard us)!

So how do I add it into my routine?

Use it fresh babe. Like piña coladas? And getting caught in the rain? Then this face mask is for you.



One slice pineapple

Two tablespoons coconut milk


Makes:  one treatment

Time it takes to blend & glow: 5 minutes


How to blend & glow:

1. Blend the pineapple and coconut milk in a blender for 30 seconds until you create a smooth, lump free puree

2. Apply the mask to your face and sit back and relax for 5 minutes

3. Wash the mask off with warm water by gently making a circular motion


Twists you should try: Add 1 teaspoon of honey (Manuka is best) or yoghurt (coconut yoghurt is best) to your face mask if your skin is particularly dry.


Ready, set? #blendyourglow.