One squeeze of lemon to start the day right

Up and at ‘em. It’s important to start your day right with a glass of freshly squeezed lemon, the ultimate citrusy skin saviour.

Ah lemon! Used by babes all over the world for centuries, and most recently in our hair to try and emulate Misha Barton’s sun kissed locks (#throwback to the OC).

If only we’d also known your secret power in…

Cleansing from the inside, out.

Starts as an acid and turns alkaline on the inside, helping to relieve indigestion and bloating (your skinny jeans new BFF).  Some babes report it helps them keep on track with their weight too due to pectin a natural fibre that keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Fighting off those unwanted spots.

Being a natural astringent as well as super anti-bacterial, it will help to dry out those pesky spots and kill off bacteria. Be careful though, it packs quite a punch so always dilute with water before putting on the skin (we suggest mixing 1 tsp of lemon juice to 2 tbsp of water, dip in a cotton bud and apply directly to the spot).

Boosting your health (and skin).

Packed full of vitamin C to help keep the colds at bay and to counteract the damage from pollution, our lifestyle and the sun. This fella also helps your body produce collagen, helping to smooth out lines for a more youthful glow. Your body doesn’t make enough of it on its own, so drinking lemon water is an easy way to get one of your 5 a day. Broccoli, strawberries and kiwi fruit are high in it too.

Brightening your mood (and skin).

Skip your morning coffee – lemon water is super hydrating, keeping you energised without the mid-morning caffeine crash.

So all you need to do…

Wake. Squeeze half a lemon in warm water (not too hot that the good stuff goes). Drink. And Glow.

So, add some zest to your morning routine.


You know you want to.


PS. For babes who like to spice things up…add turmeric, ginger and honey (for hunnies who can) to your lemon water for a super anti-inflammatory blend