Got 99 questions?

Naturally, we’ve got the answer…

B&G 101

What is Blend & Glow?

Meet your personal recipe for naturally, happy, glowing skin. We’re all about personalised, natural skincare the gets you every day. Because all Queen B’s should have soft, glowing skin no matter the season.

Where Is Blend & Glow made?

All blends are made in London, UK. We source our natural ingredients locally and internationally bringing you the very best ingredients for the season. Because as a wise woman once said, fresh is always best.

Does Blend & Glow test on animals?

We only ever test on babes.

I have a nut allergy. Can I use Blend & Glow?

Some of our blends aren’t nut free. Timeless skin shot contains almond oil and our autumn skin buff has ground almonds in. As we’re changing our skin food each season always check on the product page before you buy for the latest 101.

How do I get free samples?

We love nothing more than for every babe to experience #blendyourselfbeauty. Unfortunately, we do not offer sample products as we are all about creating personalised blends for every babe each season.

Head over to the seasonal crate page to create your unique skincare routine that you won’t know how you lived without.

Is Blend & Glow vegan?

All our blends use vegan friendly ingredients. For hunnies who love adding honey to their beauty routine, we have a collection of fresh, DIY beauty recipes for you to discover and you can mix it with your seasonal face mask too.

Delivery & Shipping

Can I send Blend & Glow to another babe?

Good friends don’t let their friends have bad skin. So off course you can send blend & glow to your friend, sister, mother, lover, friend, colleague…because every babe should be in the know how to blend their glow. Put in their details in the shipping section when you’re checking out, but use your email, and we can send it straight to them.

Where do you ship to?

We’re shipping exclusively to UK babes to start with. Stay tuned for international updates coming soon.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is £2.99 for First Class delivery to all UK babes.

How long does it take?

3-5 working days

Seasonal Crate

How long does each crate last for?

Each crate will last you 3 months until the next season. We’ve worked out how much you need and added a little bit more so you should have more than enough.

How long does it take to blend my glow?

They say old habits die hard but once you see how easy it is to blend your glow, there’s no going back. It adds no more time to your routine babe.

What happens if I use up everything in my crate before my next one arrives?

We told you good things always come in white crates. If you’ve run out earlier than planned no need to worry, email us and we’ll send your next crate sooner.

How do I know what will be in next seasons crate?

Every gal loves a sneaky peak. Head over to the beauty market to get all the goss on next seasons skin food collection.

Why should I blend my glow?

Every babe deserves a skincare routine that celebrates their uniqueness babeness and gives their skin what it needs for the season and in the moment. It’s time to let your beauty products work harder for you, not the other way round. Plus, you’ll meet some amazing babes along the way #bgbabeforlife. Create your custom crate now.

Top questions we get asked

What are pre-order items?

We love to give all babes a sneak peak and a chance to get their hands on the latest products. Pre-order items are items that we don’t have in stock just yet but are available for advanced purchase. We’ll always give you an approximate date for when they will be ready to be shipped and send you email updates and confirmations when they are on the way to you, so you’ll always be in the know. You won’t be charged until your item is shipped.

Does Blend & Glow use natural ingredients?

Only the good stuff here. Honest ingredients you understand. We design all our blends using the best natural ingredients and insider knowledge to give you the very best skincare without secret ugly truths.

No nasty chemicals, no fillers, no parabens here.

What is the shelf life of blend & glow products?

All our blends have a shelf life of 6 months opened and 12 months unopened. Just remember to keep them stored in a cool, dry place. Fresh is always best, so for peak efficacy (oh look at you glow) blend them when you get them.

Can I use essential oils when I’m pregnant?

Hey, lovely mumma to be. Essential oils pack quite a punch and affect babes differently, so we always recommend you consult your doctor before starting to blend our mood food blends into your skincare products. After the little one is here, we’ve got all a food for all of your moods.

Where else can I buy blend & glow?

B&G is online at the moment. We always like to get out and about and meet fellow babes so stay tuned for updates on where you can find us for all the latest natural beauty goss and latest blends.