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For babes who want it all. Create your personsalised skincare routine each season, the natural way.

189 naturally effective ways to #blendyourglow. The world's first blend-it-yourself beauty crate will give you everything you need to naturally transform your skin each season. Cleanser, toner and moisturiser base. 5 seasonal mixers to add to your bases for peak performance. Face mask and skin buff to boost your routine. 2 mood foods to naturally scent your products and 3 skin shots to target your daily skin concerns. All ready to be blended by you into your unique skincare essentials that you won’t know how you lived without.

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beauty market

Supercharge your current routine with my game-changing 5 in 1 personalised purple clay mask.

Meet the purple one. The world's first blend-it-yourself face mask that naturally SOOTHES, SMOOTHS, PROTECTS, DETOXIFIES AND REFINES your skin in just 10 minutes. Unlike any face mask you've ever tried this one's truly yours. Personalise the scent, add the perfect mix in for your skin and supercharge your mask to target your skin's latest fling (bye bye breakouts, redness and all the rest).

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Pantry Power! Release your one true glow using ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

Making fresh, effective DIY face masks, body scrubs and hair masks has never been easier. You just have to be in the know. Been looking for your skin saviour? It's ready and waiting in your kitchen cupboard.

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Get one of your five a day at Freshly Squeezed.

Head over to Freshly Squeezed for juicy tips and insider 101 on all things natural beauty, wellness and life.

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the purple one face mask set

create your personalised face mask

blend yourself winter skincare crate

WAS £120. NOW ONLY £55 + Free delivery + Free rose gold face mask brush worth £10
create your personalised skincare routine

why we do what we do

We believe in doing things differently. Our Better Beauty vision puts the creation back into your hands, with natural blend yourself beauty recipes and seasonal products that are personal to you, actually work and make you feel great.

We are tired of you never truly being in the know when it comes to your skin – who needs a long list of ingredients that do a whole lotta nothing anyway? We want beauty products and ingredients without secret ugly truths!

We LOVE everything beauty.  Working with our dream team of top cosmetic scientists and our inspiring community of b&g babes, we are committed to bringing you the very best for your skin and showing you how to blend your glow.